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Wearable In-Ear (WIE)

WearableInEar (WIE) is dedicated to helping you achieve the best quality audio sound while using gear that’s within your budget.

WIE started in 2015 as a personal blog to answer beginner audio questions such as what is headphone impedance or if you really need a headphone Amp for good headphone sound?

Since those early beginnings, the team has now grown to include several writers and product testers that are all passionate about audio.  Obviously, we all love listening to music (and getting the best quality audio sound) but our team also now includes musicians, a budding cinematographer, and several others with experience using professional audio equipment for studio recording and sound production.

It seems that almost every website now offers advice on headphones –  every website under the sun – from fashion magazines to major newspaper outlets offer advice on “Best Noise-Canceling Headphones” to buy.

While we also do plenty of product recommendations, our main goal is to help answer readers’ questions and provide useful information, especially topics that larger mainstream websites might overlook.

While we love high-end headphones, we also focus on IEMs, DACs/Amps, Digitial Audio Players (DAPs), and exploring the best way to set up home audio and get the quality sound while stretching our budget as much as possible.

Brand Collaborations:

We’ve had the pleasure of working with several quality brands to do hands-on testing and reviews of new products, including IEMs like these or these reviews.

If you have a product you’d like to introduce to our growing audience we’d love to discuss it with you – please contact Stephen:  stephenm (@) wearableinear (dot) com

For general inquiries please contact us:  info (@) wearableinear (dot) com

Our Team 

Stephen Menor

Lead Editor & Product Tester

Stephen is a musician, cinematographer, and headphone enthusiast who is passionate about reviewing audio equipment. He has been playing guitar for at least a decade, which introduced him to professional recording equipment such as headphones and in-ear monitors. With the help of reviews and online content, he was able to learn the ins and outs of the hobby. His goal is to give back to the community by providing quality content to help others enjoy the beautiful (and expensive) world of audio.  Favorite Headphones: Sennheiser HD660s

Marko Jovanovic

Content Writer

Senior editor for Ultimate-Guitar, passionate about good music and quality gear. Bassist. King Crimson fan. Travel enthusiast. Compulsive buyer of Bose headphones and old Fender amps.

Aubrey Aragon
 Content Writer

Aubrey has been a longtime fan of music. She plays arcade music games such as Pump It Up and Dance Dance Revolution. She also loves different genres such as KPOP. Ever since she discovered IEMs and Headphones, her love and appreciation for music have been taken to the next level. And as a writer, she wishes to share her audiophile journey with you. Favorite IEMs: Moondrop SSPKBear Believe, Noble Katana

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