BQEYZ Spring 1 Review (IEM Reviews)

spring 1 shells

The BQEYZ Spring 2 has become one of our favorite IEMs. It has a unique triple driver configuration (1 DD + 1 BA + 1 piezoelectric) that it manages to execute well. It is also one of the best-built IEMs at this price range (you can learn more in our full review of the Spring 2 here).

However, it isn’t the only notable IEM in BQEYZ’s product lineup. It has another version in the form of the BQEYZ Spring 1. It is also rocking the same driver configuration and same shell design. But the catch is that it has a different sound signature, different drivers, and comes at a lower price point. 

With how well the Spring 2 has performed, the Spring 1 has sparked our curiosity. Just how well does the Spring 1 perform against the Spring 2? And how much value do you get out of these IEMs? Keep on scrolling to find out. 


The review unit was provided by BQEYZ. We would like to thank them for their support and for making this review possible. However, this does not influence our review in any way. Everything written here is my honest opinion.  


BQEYZ Spring 1 Review

Packaging and Accessories 

spring 1 box

The BQEYZ Spring 1 has almost the exact same packaging as the Spring 2. This isn’t a bad thing since we loved how the Spring 2 presented its accessories. For those who didn’t catch our previous review, here’s what you get. 

The Spring 1 comes in a small box. It has an image of the shells on the front and the spec sheet on the back. In comparison, the Spring 2 only had BQEYZ’s logo and the “Spring 2” text on the front. This is a minor change and doesn’t really affect how clean looking the box is. 

Inside, you are immediately greeted with the stunning looking shells. The rest of the accessories are hidden inside of the carrying case, which helps with the clean presentation. 


spring 1 unboxing

The accessories that you get with the Spring 1 is the same ones found in the Spring 2. You get a leather carrying case, a cleaning tool, six pairs of silicone ear tips, and two pairs of foam ear tips. 

Like the Spring 2, the Spring 1 has two types of silicone ear tips. They are labeled atmosphere and reference. The atmosphere ear tips increase the bass response, while the reference ear tips will give a more accurate presentation. I have opted for the reference tips since these are the same ones I used for the Spring 2. 

Design and Build Quality 

bqeyz spring 1 shells

The Spring 1’s shells look almost identical to the Spring 2. It is made of aluminum, which looks classier and feels more durable compared to most of its competitors. 

The shells are well made with no signs of weaknesses. I had my review unit of the Spring 2 for a few months now, and that one hasn’t gotten any scratches, chips, or faded paint. I expect the same level of quality as the Spring 1 since the two IEMs are using the same components for the shells. 

One thing that is immediately noticeable is the color scheme of the Spring 1. The Spring 1 comes in both black and blue. The blue color scheme is unique to the Spring 1, while the sage green color scheme is unique to the Spring 2. 

There is also another minor difference between the Spring 1 and Spring 2’s shell design. The Spring 2 has more grooves giving it a semi-custom fit design. These grooves are absent on the Spring 1, which slightly impacts its comfort. 

However, I still found the Spring 1 to be a very comfortable IEM. Its lightweight design and small form factor make it comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. Overall, the Spring 1’s shells are well designed, and it is expected to last for a long time.  


spring 1 stock cable

One significant difference between the Spring 1 and 2 is the stock cable. The Spring 2’s cable easily became one of my favorites thanks to its aesthetics and build quality. The Spring 1 isn’t quite as good, but it is still excellent for its price point. 

The stock cable only comes in black. It is similar to the Spring 2’s stock cable in terms of thickness. However, the Spring 1s’ cable feels rougher to the touch and is stiffer. The hardware used, such as the plugs, and 2-pin housing, is also similar, but the Spring 1 has opted to use a darker finish that better fits the overall aesthetics of the cable. 

Just like the Spring 2, you can choose whether you want a 2.5mm balanced, 4.4mm balanced, or 3.5mm SE cable. This is something that I always appreciate from BQEYZ, and I hope they continue offering this option with their future models. Overall, the cable isn’t too bad. However, it is a noticeable step down compared to the Spring 2. 

Sound Quality 


bqeyz spring 1 and fiio m11

The biggest difference between the Spring 1 and the Spring 2 is, of course, the sound quality. The Spring 1 is utilizing a similar three driver hybrid configuration. The dynamic driver handles the lows, the balanced armature driver handles the mids, and the piezoelectric driver handles the highs. 

However, BQEYZ has stated that the drivers used in the Spring 1 and Spring 2 are different. So this means that the technical performance of the two IEMs should be different. However, I was also surprised by how different the sound signatures of the two IEMs are. 

The Spring 2 had a more relaxed bass and placed more emphasis on the mids and highs. The Spring 1 is the exact opposite and is leaning towards a V-Shaped sound signature. It has more emphasis on the bass, more recessed midrange, and more relaxed treble. 


The bass of the Spring 1 is more punchy and prominent in the mix compared to its successor. It doesn’t show the same kind of restraint as the Spring 2. Listeners of pop, electronic, and other bass-heavy music will likely appreciate the Spring 1s bass response more than the Spring 2. 

But this does not mean that the Spring 1 is a bassy IEM. The lows are still well controlled. It does not bleed into the midrange, which is crucial because the mids on the Spring 1 are recessed. 

Compared to the Spring 2, the Spring 2 still has a faster and cleaner bass response. However, not all users will enjoy the more relaxed bass response of the Spring 2. So the better bass will highly depend on the listener’s preference. 


The presentation of the mids on the two models is quite different. The Spring 1 has a more recessed midrange compared to the Spring 2. This fits well in terms of the context of the Spring 1’s sound signature. 

Sibilance and harshness to upper mids are avoided. You get a smooth listening experience with a natural tone that fits well with almost any genre that I have tested. 

However, I still prefer the Spring 2’s more upfront presentation. Vocal tracks sound livelier and more accurate compared to the Spring 1. This is, again, a matter of personal preference. But I think that the Spring 2 has the upper hands and better technicalities in terms of the midrange. 


The highs on the Spring 2 was easily one of my favorite aspects. It made good use of the piezoelectric driver and was mange to deliver well-extended highs that were smooth and non-fatiguing to listen to. 

Unfortunately, despite also using a piezoelectric driver, the Spring 1 went with the safer route. Highs are less prominent and are less extended with the Spring 1 compared to the Spring 2. 

Don’t get me wrong. The highs are clean sounding and easily avoids any signs of harshness. This makes the Spring 1 easy to listen to for long listening sessions. 

However, I think this one was a missed opportunity to better utilize the piezoelectric driver. A lot of its competitors in this price range also play it safe with the treble response. And I was hoping the Spring 1 would be different in this aspect. BQEYZ seems to have also thought so, which is why they chose to make the highs more prominent on the Spring 2. 

Imaging and Soundstage 

In terms of the soundstage, this is where the Spring 2 has significantly improved over its predecessor. The Spring 1’s soundstage feels more intimate. This can be observed in live recordings. 

Imaging is also noticeably better with the Spring 2. The Spring 1 is still accurate, and it does a great job of separating and pinpointing instruments. However, it starts to fall short when dealing with more complex tracks such as orchestral pieces and live recordings. 


bqeyz spring 1 shells and cables

The BQEYZ Spring 2 can be purchased at BQEYZ’s AliExpress Store as well as on Amazon.

Overall, despite the different sound signature, the Spring 1 is still a solid IEM. It falls short in some aspects such as the mids, highs, and soundstage when compared to the Spring 2. But when pitted against IEMs in its price range, the Spring 1 still outperforms most of them. 

If you are trying to decide on which model suits you better, here’s a quick guide. If you are looking for a fun sounding IEM with a more punchy bass response, then the Spring 1 will be a better fit. However, if you prefer a more controlled bass response, more forward mids, and extended highs, then the Spring 2 will likely fit you better. 

Regardless of which IEM you choose, you are guaranteed with a well built and great sounding product. And also, don’t forget to check our review of the BQEYZ Spring 2

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