BQEYZ Summer Review (Fun-sounding Affordable IEMs)

BQEYZ Summer Accessories

BQEYZ is one of the fastest-growing brands in the Chi-Fi IEM market. The Spring 1 and Spring 2 that we have previously reviewed were some of the most appealing options that we have tried in their respective price ranges. And the primary reasons why we loved those IEMs were because of their high-quality build and high price to performance ratio. 

Additionally, BQEYZ is one of the only brands that is utilizing a piezoelectric driver for their triple hybrid IEMs. This gives their product a unique sound and helps differentiate themselves in the sea of hybrid IEMs in the market. 

But this time around, BQEYZ is looking to reinvent themselves. They have designed an IEM that sounds more fun and exciting but still retains the signature qualities of their previous offerings. This new IEM is the BQEYZ Summer

As its name suggests, it’s looking to bring some heat and excitement to the audiophile community. With how much we enjoy the Spring series, we have high expectations for the Summer. Find out if BQEYZ’s latest IEM can truly deliver the unique charm, energy, and hype of the summer season. 


We would like to thank BQEYZ for providing the review unit and for making this review possible. However, this does not influence our review in any way. Everything written here is my honest opinion.  


BQEYZ Summer IEM Review

Packaging and Accessories

BQEYZ Packaging and accessories

Unboxing Experience 

BQEYZ has always done a great job with the packaging of their IEMs, and the Summer is no different. Like the Spring 1 and Spring 2, the box is smaller than other IEMs in this price range. The Summer’s box is slightly longer but doesn’t add to the box’s overall footprint. 

The aesthetics of the box is pretty clean, but the new purple color evokes a more lively look which perfectly fits the summer vibe. Opening the box reveals the IEMs. And once you open the flap, you are greeted by the carrying case which contains the cable. 

You only get access to the six pairs of silicone tips once you have removed everything.  Overall, the packaging has slightly been improved. Each accessory has its own dedicated section and is no longer crammed inside the carrying case. 


BQEYZ Summer inside the box

Just like BQEYZ’s other IEMs, the Summer is packed with loads of accessories. It comes with six pairs of silicone ear tips as well as a carrying case. 

The stock silicone ear tips are completely different from the ones found on BQEYZ’s previous offerings. The new ear tips look and feel better. The blue stemmed ear tips, in particular, offer deeper insertion and a more secure fit. 

The semi-hard case isn’t entirely new and shares the same shape as the older cases. The color and texture, however, are different, which help give it a fresh look. There are enough compartments on the inside to store the IEMs, along with some extra ear tips. 

The new case design is a step in the right direction. However, I still do not feel that the case is as premium as its competitors. I would have preferred if the case had a unique look and if it utilized magnets instead of zippers. But at the end of the day, the case serves its purpose, and that’s all that matters. 

BQEYZ Summer with Case Accessories

Despite the number of included accessories, there are some notable exclusions. The Summer no longer comes with a cleaning tool and foam ear tips. This was pretty odd since both the Spring 1 and Spring 2 had both of these. Space didn’t seem to be an issue since these could have easily fitted inside the box. 

These are minor things, but I think they slightly bring down the value of the overall package. But overall, I cannot complain about what’s included with the BQEYZ Summer. 

Included Accessories: 

  • Silicone Ear Tips (6 pairs)
  • Semi-Hard Case 
  • Stock cable 

Design and Build Quality

IEM Shells

BQEYZ Summer Shells

The biggest change from the Spring series is the Summer’s new shell design. BQEYZ has opted to choose acrylic over aluminum. They have stated that the reason for this change was because acrylic offers different acoustics and aesthetics. We’ll go into more detail about the Summer’s sound later in the review. 

As expected from BQEYZ, the build quality of the Summer is solid. I would even say that the overall design is an upgrade from the previous Spring models. 

There are no weak points found on the shells. And also, the semi-custom fit is better implemented. I find it to be a touch more comfortable than the previous iterations. The clear black and blue finishes also look great with the Summer. 

However, I am not completely sold on the Summer’s looks. It just doesn’t have the same charm as the Spring 1 and 2. 

BQEYZ Summer Nozzle

Don’t get me wrong; the Summer isn’t a bad-looking IEM. There are just some design elements that do not feel very premium. 

The clear faceplate design just doesn’t fit my tastes. It makes the Summer lack identity since this spot is used to express a brand or user’s creativity. The clear design does, however, give us a good glimpse into the internals of the IEM. 

The plastic nozzle is also a bit of an odd choice since BQEYZ has used metal in the past. And lastly, the font used for the texts on the sides of the shell does not look very professional. 

Again, these are just some minor gripes that I have. They aren’t deal-breakers but certainly something to consider if you are concerned with the looks of your IEMs. 


BQEYZ Summer with Cable

The high-quality cable that came with the Spring series makes its return with the Summer. I am so glad that BQEYZ hasn’t changed their approach to their cables since their offerings are some of the best in the budget price point. 

What I love about their stock cables is that they give you the option to choose which termination you prefer. This allows more advanced users to purchase the Summer with a 4.4mm or 2.5mm balanced cable. Entry-level users are, of course, not left out since they can also opt to go with a 3.5mm SE cable. 

In terms of its quality, the Summer’s stock cable is very similar to the Spring 2 but offers some minor tweaks. The cable’s feel has been improved and no longer feels plasticky. It also seems softer and easier to manage.

There are also metal parts in crucial places such as the plug, the 2-pin housings, and the Y-Split. Overall, the stock cable is great, and I do not have any real complaints. 

Fit and Isolation 

BQEYZ Summer with Tips

As mentioned earlier, the new acrylic shell allows the Summer to achieve a better fit. The grooves are deeper and adhere better to the shape of my ears. The lightweight design also allows me to wear these IEMs for long periods without any pressure buildups.

However, I do think the isolation of these IEMs is below average. When not playing any music, I practically hear everything around me. This happened with multiple ear tips, even when I got a perfect seal. 

Power Requirements 

Just like the Spring Series, the BQEYZ Summer is an efficient IEM. We have tried different sources from USB Type-C dongles to DAPs and did not encounter any issues. 

We did, however, notice that the Summer had a slightly lower volume when we were trying to volume match it with the Spring 2. However, this wasn’t a big deal since the differences were minor. Overall, you can enjoy the Summer even with more basic sources.  

Sound Quality

Tested with: Fiio M11, iFi Nano iDSD Black Label, Audirect Beam 2SE

BQEYZ Summer with ifi

The BQEYZ’s sound is best understood when it is compared to its namesake. Summer marks the end of the first quarter of the season. And with this transition, you have to say goodbye to Spring’s beautiful scenery. 

However, change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The arrival of summer brings in its own unique charm. And this unique charm is exactly what you get with the BQEYZ Summer. 

With the Summer’s new tuning, some of the qualities of the Spring 2 were lost. However, most of its issues were also fixed. This brings a unique twist to BQEYZ’s established formula. 

The result is a fun-sounding IEM that is still able to bring lots of detail thanks to its well-implemented drivers. Speaking of its drivers, the Summer is rocking a single dynamic driver for the lows, a balanced armature driver for the mids, and a piezoelectric driver for the highs. 

This is the same configuration used on both the Spring 1 and Spring 2. However, the drivers have been upgraded and are now more technically competent than their predecessors.  

BQEYZ Summer with Fiio

In terms of the sound, the BQEYZ Summer has a much meatier sound thanks to its more pronounced low end. I wouldn’t necessarily say it sounds thicker or fuller compared to the Spring 2, but it certainly has more impact on the low notes. 

The deeper and more hard-hitting bass allows the Summer to achieve a more fun sound. But of course, the lows are still perfectly controlled. I do not sense them bleeding into the midrange, and they do not make the overall sound muddy. 

I wouldn’t say the Summer is the most full-sounding or has the best bass in the sub $200 price point. However, its overall performance in the context of the mix is very appealing and completes the Summer’s sound. 

In terms of the highs, they perform similarly to the Spring 2. This is great news since the highs are arguably the highlight of any of BQEYZ’s IEMs. With the use of a Piezoelectric driver, the Summer manages to bring good extension and detail while preventing any forms of harshness. 

The highs have always been an area where manufacturers struggled in this price range. They are often afraid of giving well-extended highs since it often leads to issues that are very unpleasant to listen to. This is why I appreciate how daring BQEYZ is with these frequencies. 

BQEYZ Summer with ifi

The Summer can easily resolve complicated passages with lots of crash cymbals. Everything still sounds full and detailed, even with all the chaos that’s going on. This IEM should easily appeal to those who love clarity in the highs but cannot stand sibilance or any forms of harshness. 

But despite the Summer’s shining points, there is one area that I am not too satisfied with the changes. Those are the mids. 

There aren’t actually any issues with the mids. They are very smooth and detailed. Their overall performance is up to par with some of the best BA driver IEMs in this price range. However, they are positioned lower than they were before, making the overall signature lean towards a V-shape.  

BQEYZ Summer with ifi Accessories

Again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Having more recessed mids allows the Summer to prevent any forms of harshness. Also, upper mids won’t be competing against the highs. A lot of IEMs, including the Spring 2, can sound a bit intense when dealing with female vocals. 

The Summer manages to make the listening experience relaxing without sacrificing the fine details in the mids. They just do not sound as engaging as the previous iteration. 

Imaging and Soundstage  

The imaging and soundstage are pretty average for an IEM in this price range. The Summer manages to give a good sense of depth and width and brings tracks to life. The imaging is also spot on, and I did not have any issues detecting where the sounds are coming from. 


BQEYZ Spring 2 

Read our Full Review of the BQEYZ Spring 2

Of course, the main IEM that will be compared to the summer is the Spring 2. As mentioned earlier, the Summer is not meant to replace the Spring 2. This means that it should not come as a surprise that both IEMs almost have the same technical capabilities. The only real difference will be in their sound signature/ 

The Summer fixes most of the criticisms of the Spring 2. With its reduced, mid presence, the mids no longer sound shouty or intense. As I have mentioned in our full review of the Spring 2, I did not find the Spring 2 to be shouty. Most users did, however, which is why BQEYZ made the changes. 

The Summer’s more recessed midrange works in conjunction with the overall mix. However, I still prefer the Spring’s more engaging mids since it works better for the music that I listen to. 

The increased bass response is also a welcome addition for those who were missing the punch that the Spring 1 provided. The Summer doesn’t necessarily add more quantity, but it certainly adds more quality to the bass. 

I still tend to grab the Spring 2 more often because of its more engaging mids. However, I do think the Summer will appeal to more listeners, especially for those who listen to high-energy music such as pop and electronic music. 

BQEYZ Spring 1

bqeyz spring 1 shells and cables

Read our Full Review of the BQEYZ Spring 1

The BQEYZ Summer and Spring 1 are very similar in terms of their signature. However, I think the Summer executes everything in a much better way thanks to its more advanced drivers.  

Both IEMs have punchy and solid bass. However, the lows of the Summer sound clearer and cleaner than the Spring 1. 

The same thing goes for the mids. They are both slightly recessed, but I find the Summer to be more detailed. Vocal-based tracks were more resolving and enjoyable to listen to in the Summer than in the Spring 1. 

BQEYZ IEM Collection

But the most notable change is the highs. I felt like the Spring 1 did not fully utilize its piezoelectric driver since the highs weren’t as extended or as clear as the Spring 2. The Summer fixes this and presents a clearer, fuller, and more enjoyable performance in the treble frequencies. 

The Spring 1 is still a compelling option given its lower price. I also like its design more than the Summer. But if you wish to get the best sound quality, I highly advise moving straight to the BQEYZ Summer. 


BQEYZ Summer with Cable Attach

The BQEYZ Summer is available on BQEYZ’s AE Store and on Amazon

BQEYZ has succeeded in creating a fun-sounding IEM with the BQEYZ Summer. It manages to give a very enjoyable listening experience without sacrificing the excellent detail retrieval which BQEYZ is known for. It is truly an IEM that will remind you of what summer feels like. 

There are a few missteps with the aesthetics. However, the build quality remains solid. And overall, the Summer’s design is a good first attempt by BQEYZ. I highly recommend the BQEYZ Summer to anyone looking for an upgrade to the BQEYZ Spring 1. 

BQEYZ is set to release other IEMs to complete the four seasons. With how good the Summer sounds, I am excited to see how well their future IEMs will perform. 


  • Dynamic Driver: 13mm
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 107dB
  • Frequency: 7-40KHz
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Pin Type: 0.78mm-2 Pin
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm
  • Driver units: 5-layer piezoelectric unit, Coaxial 13mm dynamic driver with PU+LCP diaphragm, and new version balanced armature customized unit

Albums Used For Testing 

  • Milet – Who I am 
  • Babymetal – Legend Metal Galaxy 
  • Mamamoo – Travel
  • Periphery- Periphery 3 and 4
  • Blackpink – The Album 
  • Final Fantasy VII Acoustic Arrangements 
  • Square Enix Jazz- Final Fantasy VII At Billboard Live Tokyo
  • Sawano Hiroyuki – Best of Vocal Works
  • Yorushika – Plagiarism 
  • Intervals – Circadian

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