DDHiFi C-2020 Audiophile Carrying Case Review


ddhifi c2020 case and accessories

Cases are a must-have if you want to protect your audiophile gear. We have always emphasized this and have even made a dedicated article for it. But we haven’t talked about an all in one solution for all of your accessories. 

I have been using multiple Pelican 1010 hard cases for my IEMs, portable DAC/Amps, and DAPs. However, I found them to be rather inconvenient, especially when I am carrying more than two devices.

I have tried using generic hard cases that are designed for battery banks and hard drives in the past. And while they were decent solutions, they are not specialized for my use case. They often did not have enough compartment and space for everything I needed to bring. 

Luckily, companies such as ddHiFi know this, which is why they have created a carrying case that is specifically made for carrying audiophile gear. The ddHiFi C-2020 Carrying Case promises to be an all in one solution that can fit multiple DAPs, DAC/Amps, and accessories. Join us as we walk you through the features that make the C-2020 one of the best options for audiophiles on the go. 

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The review unit was provided by ddHiFi. We would like to thank them for their support and for making this review possible. However, this does not influence our review in any way. Everything written here is my honest opinion.  

C-2020 Specifications 

  • Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 410g (without strap)

Design and Build Quality 

Design and Aesthetics 

c2020 ddhifi logo

Nearly all of ddHifi’s accessories puts a strong emphasis on the design. All of their products are unique and are immediately distinguishable from the rest of the competition. Their adapters and dongles, for example, are easily recognizable thanks to their design and small form factor. 

The C-2020 is no different. It has striking looks that immediately tell you that it is a premium product. It carries over most of the design elements of last year’s ddHiFi C-2019, such as the subtle branding and color scheme. 

The ddHiFi C-2020 is also noticeably larger than most cases. We will be talking more about the number of accessories that it can carry later on in the review. But if you do not own a lot of gear or if you don’t need to carry many accessories, then you can also opt for the slightly smaller ddHiFi C-2019. 

c2020 leather quality

The C-2020 uses faux leather throughout the main body. This makes the carrying case more elegant and premium-looking than a lot of the available alternatives.  

But despite the materials used, the C-2020 doesn’t stand out, nor does it scream that it contains high-end gear inside. The ddHiFi branding is very subtle and can be easy to miss despite being in the front portion of the bag. This makes the overall design clean and can fit in with anything you use daily.  

Build Quality 


Aesthetics are useless if your carrying case quickly falls apart. I had learned this the hard way in the past when I used to purchase hard cases and bags based on their aesthetics and brand name. Luckily, ddHiFi knows what they are doing here and did not skimp on the build quality.  

The zippers, the materials used inside and outside, and the leather all feel substantial. There also hasn’t been any noticeable weak points when I first unboxed the bag. The stitches were well done and did not seem like they would immediately break. 

And even after a few weeks of use, there aren’t any noticeable faults in the C-2020’s build. I have been using it as my daily driver, and I am very confident with using it with my expensive gear. 


c2020 zipper build quality

One of the most important aspects of any carry case is the quality of the zippers. These are what keeps your accessories sealed inside and hence should survive for a long time. 

The zippers glide smoothly with an ample amount of resistance. They rarely got stuck, and I did not feel as if I was going to break every time I used them. 


ddhifi c2020 case strap

Due to the C-2020’s size, it may be harder to carry it around. Luckily, ddHiFi has included two options for you. You can opt for the wrist strap for a cleaner look or the handbag strap. I opted for the wrist strap, but it is nice to have different kinds of options. 

You can also opt to use third-party straps since it is using a standard mounting mechanism. These metal buckles are also pretty sturdy, so you shouldn’t hesitate as they won’t just randomly pop off while in use. 


Compartment for DAPs and IEMs

ddhifi c2020 compartments

Of course, the real reason why you would want to purchase the C-2020 is its ability to store a large number of devices. We’ll start with the main compartment. 

The main compartment is designed to store larger devices such as DAPs and portable DAC/Amps. I was able to fit both my Astell & Kern AK70 MK2 and my Sony NW A55 on the given space. If you are carrying a larger DAP such as the Fiio M11 Pro, Fiio M15, or Astell & Kern SP 2000, then you can detach the divider to make the space bigger. The dividers are connected via velcro so they can be detached and reattached easily. 

c2020 dap compatibility
DAP: Astell & Kern AK70 MK2

There are also covers that come with the dividers. They protect the screen of your DAPs from scratches that can occur when closing down the case. There are also straps that help secure your DAPs in place. These are very well thought out and is something that you will not see with bags or cases that are not specifically designed to carry these kinds of equipment. 

c2020 IEM case
IEMs: BGVP VG4 and BQEYZ Spring 2

On the opposite side of the main compartment are two pockets that are designed to fit small items such as IEMs, adapters, and even Bluetooth receivers such as the Fiio BTR5 or Shanling UP4. My Sony NW A55 also fitted here, which freed up room in the main compartment for a portable DAC/Amp such as my iFi Nano BL

I usually carry my main IEMs, the BGVP VG4 and BQEYZ Spring 2, on these pockets. If you want to learn more, make sure to check out our BGVP VG4 Review and BQEYZ Spring 2 Review

Cable and Accessory Organizer 

c2020 cable organizer

The good things don’t end with the main compartment. There is another compartment located on the other side of the bag that is designed to store cables and small accessories.

c2020 cable and IEM organizer

The main area houses four straps that can fit cables and IEMs. I used two of these straps to organize the chargers for my DAPs. I used the other strap for my KBear Diamond IEM. You can also fit spare IEM cables in here if you want. 

This area solves one of the biggest problems that I have with most bags. Since they do not have a cable organizer, I usually just toss my charging cables on one of the pockets, which always gets messy over time. 

I did hesitate at first by using these straps for my IEMs. The shells or the plugs could get in the way of the zippers, and if you are not careful, your IEMs might even get damaged. I haven’t had any issues, but I still advise you to be careful. 

c2020 accessory organizer tc35b etc

On the other side, there are even more pockets that are designed for smaller accessories. I use these compartments for my adapters, mainly the ddHiFi TC35B and the DJ35A. I also store my iFi USB-Type C OTG cable and micro-USB OTG cable. The other pockets can also store smaller accessories such as micro sd cards. 


c2020 design and build quality

Overall, the C-2020 is the most feature-packed carrying case that I have encountered. It perfectly fits my use case, and I never had to bring excessive bags and carry cases for my daily audiophile gear. If you need an all in one solution for carrying your audiophile gear, then the C-2020 might just be the perfect case for you.  

The ddHiFi C-2020 is available on ddHiFi’s Official AliExpress Store as well as on Amazon

About the Company 

DD Electronics Technology Co. was founded in 2017 and specializes in accessories for different kinds of audiophile equipment. They currently offer adapters, bags, DAP leather cases, and IEM cables. DDHifi is also venturing into the IEM market and is expected to soon debut their IEM lineup. 

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