Lypertek Tevi Review (True Wireless Earphones)

2019 was the year that true wireless earphones started kicking off. We started seeing high-end options such as the Sennheiser Momentum and Sony WF1000XM3, as well as a ton of budget Chi-Fi options. The consensus was always the same; the big brands are expensive but well worth the money, while the rest were simply low-cost alternatives. 

However, all of these changed when a TWS from a brand that I have never heard of suddenly started popping off. These earbuds were sold out in almost every local store in my country and were impossible to purchase during its initial release. The purchasing process was quite complicated since I had to acquire it in Jaben Singapore, who barely had any stock left. 

But now, in 2020, things have changed, and the hype train has slowed down. After almost a year of using these, do I think the Lypertek Tevi is still a competent TWS option for 2020? Or was it simply just a product of hype? Keep on scrolling to learn more.  


Hands-On Lypertek Tevi (True Wireless Earphones) Review

Packaging and Accessories 

The packaging of the Tevi isn’t anything to write home about. It is a typical plastic box that doesn’t have too much personality in it. But the Tevi gets straight to the point, and I appreciate the simplicity. 

There are three pairs of silicone ear tips included as well as a single pair of foam tips. You can also opt to use third-party ear tips since the Tevi has a nozzle size that accommodates most types of ear tips. 

There is also a USB Type-C charging cable, which is always great to see. The packaging is fairly minimalistic, but it has everything that you need to start using the Tevi. 

Design and Build Quality 

Charging Case 

The charging case’s design makes the Tevi look more expensive than it actually is. It borrows some elements from the Sennheiser Momentum TWS’ charging case, such as the color scheme and the cloth texture. The color is, however, darker, and the case is rounder. 

The charging case is larger than most charging cases, such as the Apple AirPods or the Huawei FreeBuds 3, so it is not as pocketable when wearing tight jeans. However, I rarely place any of these charging cases in my pocket, so I did not mind the larger size. I also knew that larger cases tend to have a larger battery, which is always a good tradeoff in my book. 

Overall, the charging case feels great and well built. However, I do have some small complaints. One of these is that opening the case feels flimsy. I can hear some creaking near the hinge, which is usually a bad sign. But in my case, this has never gotten worse, nor has it developed any actual issues.

I even dropped the case from table height, and it did not even show any signs of damage. It is durable and does its job of protecting the Tevi, but I still wish the creaking noise was not there. 

The other problem that I had is that if the battery of the charging case gets depleted, then the Tevi will not automatically shut off when placed back inside the case. This has rarely happened since the Tevi has an extremely long battery life. But when it did, it was annoying since the earbuds did not automatically disconnect from my phone, therefore draining the battery. 

Tevi Earbuds 

The earbuds have an excellent build quality that easily punches above its price point. The quality of the plastic used here feels solid and comparable to more expensive units. I even accidentally dropped the Tevi while working out, and there does not seem to be any visible damage. 

The charging pins have also worked flawlessly ever since day one. The earbuds have small LEDs near the button, so you will be aware if the pins are not seated correctly. 

The nozzle has also held very well throughout my one-year testing period. I have changed ear tips several times, and I never felt like the nozzles were going to snap off. 

Overall, both the Tevi’s charging case and earbuds can take a beating and should keep up with most people’s daily tasks. 

Fit and Comfort 

Unlike other TWS earbuds, the Lypertek Tevi has a more traditional IEM design. This makes the Tevi compatible with a wide range of ear tips. The stock ear tips were fine, and I could get a comfortable seal. However, I opted to use my Spinfit CP 360 ear tips since I use it on my other IEMs.

The Tevi is on the larger side, and it kind of sticks out of my ears. But unlike either TWS earbuds, I did not find this to be a big deal. With the Spinfit CP 360 ear tip, I could comfortably wear these for several hours. 


I have tried several TWS earbuds with button controls, and I almost always disliked them. They either had too many buttons, were too small,  or had a shape that was impossible to press. Luckily, Lypertek properly thought of the button layout and design.  

The Tevi only has two large buttons on each side, which are easy to press. And unlike most of its competitors, you do not have to press the Tevi into your skull to actuate the buttons. You can simply grip the body of the Tevi to easily press the button. 

The control scheme is also well-executed on the Tevi. By default, one tap plays/pauses the track. Two taps increase the volume on the right earbud while decreases the volume on the left earbud. And three taps skip tracks on the right earbud and repeats/reverses the track on the left earbud. You can change what each tap does use the software. 

Wireless Performance 


The Tevi features Bluetooth 5.0 supports the Qualcomm APTX codec. There were very few TWS earbuds that had these features back when the Tevi was first released. Even the higher-end Sony WF1000XM3 did not feature the APTX codec. 

In theory, this should make the Tevi’s performance similar to a wired pair by minimizing latency and dropouts. And I’m quite happy to say that has been the case throughout my daily use.  

I primarily tested the Tevi’s wireless performance with my Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphone and my Astell & Kern AK70 MK2 DAP. Both of these devices were compatible with the APTX codec. 

The only times where I experienced dropouts were in areas with strong interference or when there was lots of obstruction between the Tevi and my smartphone. But for normal use, the connection was stable. 

I did notice some slight delays, but I had to pay close attention to notice them. Some examples are snare drum hits in drum covers. But overall, I could comfortably watch videos and play casual mobile games with the Tevi. 

Another perk is that each earbud can be used individually. When one of the earbuds is returned to the case, the remaining earbud switches to mono. You can use this feature both on the left and the right earbud. 

This has been useful in situations where I needed to listen to my environment or whenever I am about to sleep. Companies have slowly adapted this feature, but at the time of the Tevi’s release, only the high-end models could execute this feature reliably. 

Sound Quality 

In terms of sound quality, most TWS earbuds are a significant downgrade from wired IEMs. This is largely due to their poor tuning. These consumer-grade wireless earbuds are targeted at the mainstream audience who mainly listen to modern bass-heavy genres such as pop and EDM. Tuning earbuds to fit these genres often bloats the bass and reduces clarity in the mid and high frequencies. 

Luckily, with the Lypertek Tevi, you do not have to compromise your listening experience for the wireless experience. This is because the Lypertek Tevi has a balanced and audiophile-grade tuning. 

The balanced tuning of the Tevi allows it to perform well with a wide range of genres. The bass is present and impactful but does not get in the way of the mids. It can deliver some punchy bass lines, but its bass extension is less compared to most TWS IEMs. 

The mids are full-bodied and clear on the Tevi. Listening to vocals and guitars is a treat on the Tevi. The highs have a decent extension without being too harsh. I can hear instruments such as hi-hats and other cymbals clearly. 

The soundstage is also noticeably better than a lot of its competitors. It is still an intimate soundstage like most IEMs, but the sound is not congested. It has enough space to let the various elements of the music come through. 

Battery Life

One of the caveats of TWS products over wired IEMs is battery life. I am a person who hates charging devices. I have to charge multiple devices such as my smartphone, my Nintendo Switch, and my smartwatch on a daily basis. If I had to charge any other device that I carry with me, then that might drive me crazy.

But that is what’s special about the Tevi. I never charge them. Or at least, I don’t remember charging them too often. Let me explain why. 

Lypertek claims that the Tevi earbuds can last up to ten hours. The charging case can charge the Tevi up to seven times, making the total battery last up to 70 hours. 

With that much battery, I don’t even have to think whether or not the Tevi has enough battery. I just pop them right off the case and proceed to listen. I usually charge the charging case at the end of the month. 

Microphone Quality

Aside from the sound quality, the biggest complaint that I have with most TWS earbuds is the microphone quality. Nearly all Chinese TWS brands focus on the sound quality but completely forget about the microphone quality. These devices are meant to be used with smartphones, so manufacturers should not skimp out on the microphones. 

Luckily, the Tevi breaks away from this trend and provides an excellent-sounding microphone. The noise-canceling mics worked flawlessly. People, on the other end, could understand me clearly despite wind or vehicle noise. 

It is quite interesting how Lypertek has managed to do this, considering the mic placement is far from the mouth. But I highly appreciate this feature, and I think other brands should learn from the Tevi as well. 

Smartphone App

One feature that was not initially available with the Lypertek Tevi is the smartphone app. At the time of writing this review, the smartphone app is still technically not available at the Google Play Store and is only available via Lyertek’s website

You also have to do a lengthy firmware update process to use this application. The instructions can be found on Lypertek’s website

Once the app is installed, you can control and modify various settings, such as implementing a global EQ and changing the controls. The battery status of the earbuds can also be checked on the app. 

These are all great features on paper, but they currently do not work well. My biggest issue was the EQ settings. Activating them caused popping noises and signal dropouts. It was fun experimenting with the Tevi’s sound signature, but the issues made the Tevi unusable. 

I appreciate Lypertek’s commitment to the product and their drive to make a great product even better. But in my opinion, as long as the application is not yet officially released and available in the Google Play Store/Apple App Store, I would skip on this app. But I do hope they can iron out the bugs in the software. 


Check Out the Lypertek Tevi on Amazon

There is a reason why the Lypertek Tevi has stayed in my backpack for a whole year. I like using my DAPs and my more expensive IEMs, but when I’m walking in the streets or commuting, these gears are a no-go. But with the Tevi, I do not have to compromise my listening experience. 

It has the sound quality of a properly tuned IEM and the battery life to make the transition between wired and wireless seamless. If you have avoided TWS earbuds because of their generic and lackluster sound quality, then give the Lypertek Tevi a spin. You won’t be disappointed. 


32-bit “TriCore Processor & Kalimba DSP”

Driver: High-Performance 6mm Graphene Driver

Frequency Response: 20 – 20kHz

Microphone: cVc 8.0 Noise Cancelling, Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression

Bluetooth Specification: Bluetooth 5.0 + Master/Slave Switch

Bluetooth Codec: Qualcomm aptX, AAC, SBC. Supports True Stereo Plus

Play Time (Max): 10 hours & Max. 70 hours with Charging Case

Waterproof Certificate: IPX7

Features: Music & Volume Control, Phone Call & Voice Assistant Calls.

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