7 Best Earbuds For Sleeping {Comforting Sleep Even On Your Side}

woman sleeping with earbuds
Finding comfortable earbuds for sleeping on your side is a challenge

Do you doze off at night listening to music? Or maybe you listen to help you fall asleep only to wake up in the night with that painful feeling of earbuds jammed up in your ear. Have you ever considered buying a pair of comfortable earbuds for sleeping?

Secure fit, great noise isolation, and sound quality are three essential factors you should consider, but there aren’t many earbuds that were designed with all these factors in mind. However, we have found several that do work well to listen to music and still get a good night’s sleep.

You can get better sound quality from regular earbuds for your favorite tracks or white noise to help you sleep, but most of these earbuds will hurt your ears if you wear them while you sleep. Our top pick is the Zero-Audio by Tenore.

But you’ll find other options below that are also comfortable and have excellent audio performance. They can be used in any situation, including travel or sleeping close to a noisy snorer.

If you sleep on your side, you are most likely a familiar painful feeling of waking up after hours of sleeping with an earbud jammed in one ear and the pressure of your head squashing your ear down on the earbud housing.

If you are a side-sleeper (fetal position) we recommend these AcousticSheep SleepPhoneshave specially designed speakers that are flatter than earbuds and a soft headband to hold them in place and give you a comfortable sleeping position even if you wear earbuds all through the night, we’ve included a few of these options in our top picks below.


Best Earbuds For Sleeping

Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT

ZERO AUDIO Headphones
Affordable Headphones You Can Sleep With

The Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT sound as good as some headphones that sell for triple the price. They are small and come with a thin, durable cable and light housings making them exceptionally comfortable to sleep with.

Considering the size of the driver just 5.78 mm, these deliver an impressively wide soundstage, well-defined bass, and a nice mid-range. These are well-balanced headphones with smooth, airy sound.

The carbon fiber Aluminium housings are not only rugged but enhance the audio performance of speakers. The entire construction is light and capable of long-lasting use.

The Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT does a good job of sound isolation by including various sizes of ear tips to give you a perfect, comfortable, and custom seal. Unfortunately, these headphones don’t feature an inline remote or mic for calls or playback control.

SleepPhones Acoustic Sheep Headphone Review

AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic Sleep Headphones (Black, Medium - One Size Fits Most) SleepPhones Acoustic Sheep Headband incorporates a completely comfortable design that should help stave away sleepless nights. I am one of those people who just can’t sleep without listening to music or my favorite podcasts.

While headphones have become more compact and comfortable throughout the years, I still wouldn’t recommend them for sleeping. The strain of wearing the earbuds overnight while sleeping on your side can give you quite a painfully early morning wake-up.

This is where the SleepPhone comes in as it provides quite a comfortable alternative to your standard headphones. It utilizes a comfortable headband design with Velcro for optimum fit. The material feels delicate but durable, and I don’t think people who move a whole lot during sleep will manage to slip this off accidentally.

You can fully charge the device within 3 hours, but I found mine to be fully charged within 2 hours. The charger has an indicator that lights up red when charging and shuts off once done, so you know when to pull the plug.

The light beeping sound when adjusting the volume when no song is playing can be helpful to gauge the loudness of the headphone before starting a song. As for sound quality, the SleepPhone Acoustic Sheep has a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency, which is the industry standard for headphones.

A nice inclusion is the free sound downloads that SleepPhone offers to its customers. You can check they’re online for a collection of free and paid soothing ambient sounds from raindrops to white noise. These tracks last for about 30 minutes and then stops, which helps in saving battery.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-thin 4 mm flat design.
  • They are made from hypoallergenic and breathable fleece material.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Rating:

  • Sound Quality: 8/10
  • Bass: 5/10
  • Build Quality/Design: 9/10
  • Fit/Comfort: 9.5/10
  • Battery Life: 9/10
  • Connectivity (Bluetooth stability): n/a
woman sleeping on her side with earbuds
Sleeping in the fetal position can be uncomfortable with the wrong kind of bulky headphones.

Who would this be good for?

This would be a good sleep aid headphone for those who frequently travel or are easily woken up by noises such as passing cars or a snoring spouse. It’s quite comfortable and offers the right loudness to help maintain a good night’s sleep free from distractions.


  • Up to 13 hours of battery life.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • A decent level of noise cancellation.
  • Washable.


  • Removing and re-installing the MP3 player and headphones can be quite tricky at first.
  • If improperly placed inside the headband, the earpieces tend to shift around during sleep.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones - New Contour Series with Cool Mesh Lining & Ultra Thin Earphones - Perfect for Air Travel, Meditation, AMSR & Insomnia
CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

Another option to consider if you don’t like earbuds inserted into your ear canals is the CozyPhone sleep headphones. These are headphones that fit into a soft, comfortable, flexible headband with removable speakers. The band is washable and doubles as a sleep mask. They sound sharp and clear for all types of music. The sound stage is as open and pleasant as some around the ear headphones. CozyPhones also has fun models of headphones for kids.

Noise-canceling headphones are not a bad idea for your sleeping either. The Bose QC 20 is a comfortable set that works effectively to cancel out noise, but they are very pricey. However, you could not use them while sleeping on your side because the large housings would be too uncomfortable.

Some studies show that music helps many people fall asleep. Above are some decent pairs that are comfortable to wear and sound better than any earbuds which come included when you buy a smartphone or media player.

Indeed, there are plenty of earbuds out there, but most of them are not suitable or specifically designed to wear while you sleep.

Even the FiiO EX1, one of the most comfortable earbuds on the market, is not a pair for sleeping with. If you like to listen to relaxing songs, podcasts, or meditation music on Spotify or other apps to help you sleep, these earbuds are the perfect solution.

Remember, before sleeping; you should set a timer or number of songs to be played. This way, after a while, your phone will stop playing music and let your ears rest. Because your hearing is active all day long, it is best to make your ears get some rest at night.

Budget Pick: MaxRock EL-2737 Sleep Headphone Review

MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs - Noise Isolating Ear Plugs Sleep Earbuds Headphones with Unique Total Soft Silicone Perfect for Insomnia, Side Sleeper, Snoring, Air Travel, Meditation & Relaxation(wh) The MaxRock Sleep Headphones take a traditional approach to its design by not incorporating any form of the headband. The MaxRock looks like your standard headphones but with a few tweaks to its plan to offer a comfortable experience when used lying down.

While extremely affordable, the MaxRock EL-2737 is well-made. It uses durable silicone material for its earbuds, which you can tug and squeeze without causing any damage to it. The cables are also reinforced with stress relievers, which helps in preventing damages to the wires. This is extremely important as the chances of you accidentally tugging the cord during sleep is quite high.

The MaxRock headphone is also available in 5 different colors, which give it a contemporary feel. It features an ergonomic design and robust noise cancellation capabilities as well. This is achieved via the airtight two-layer model of the earbuds.

The headphone also has a built-in microphone for answering incoming calls. The controls are also covered with silicone, which is a nice touch for preventing any discomfort when lying in bed. In terms of sound quality, the MaxRock EL-2737 needed to sacrifice low-end ranges for better mid and high range frequency. The reason for this is because it uses 5 mm diameter drivers rather than the standard 10 mm diameter drivers of new headphones.

The smaller driver means a more compact design but also means it won’t be able to deliver deep and powerful bass. But since this headphone is designed to be used during sleep, why would you want thumping bass interrupting a good night’s rest, right?

woman sleeping on flight with earbuds
If you travel a lot, good sleeping earbuds can help make your flight smoother.

Key Features:

  • Extremely lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • 5 mm diameter drivers for the most compact headphone design.
  • Double-layer silicone earbuds for improved noise cancellation.
  • Built-in microphone and carrying case.

Our Rating:

  • Sound Quality: 9/10
  • Bass: 5/10
  • Build Quality/Design: 8.5/10
  • Fit/Comfort: 8.5/10
  • Battery Life: n/a
  • Connectivity (Bluetooth stability): n/a

Who would this be good for?

The MaxRock EL-2737 Sleep Headphone uses your standard headphone design. It can be used not only during sleep but during daytime activities as well. This is a good choice for those looking for a solid sleep headphone but does not want to shell out for anything above the $20 mark.


  • Well-balanced sound.
  • Comfortable and compact design.


  • Bass is pretty weak.

Lavince Sleeping Eye Mask Headphone Review

Lavince Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sports Headband, Wireless Sports Headband Headphones with Ultra-Thin HD Stereo Speakers Perfect for Workout,Jogging,Yoga,Insomnia,Side Sleepers,Air Travel,Meditation
Lavince Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sports Headband,

Lavince throws their hat into the ring of sleep aid headphones with the Sleeping Eye Mask Bluetooth Headphones. One thing you take away from this product at first glance is how comfortable it looks. Fortunately, it doesn’t just look the part as it acts the part as well.

This headphone is also compatible with Bluetooth devices, which means no tangle problems during sleep. You can move around as much as you want without the need to worry about cords. Lavince Sleeping Eye Mask Headphone also has a decent noise cancellation capability, which stifles ambient noise from disrupting your sleep.

It has a three-button control layout for volume control and playback. The rather large eye cover size is made from high-quality, comfortable material with adjustments done via Velcro. This headphone is a great choice for constant travelers, for meditation, and those with sleeping disorders.

Key Features:

  • Made from soft and comfortable memory foam.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity.
  • Speakers and microphones are removable.

Our Rating:

  • Sound Quality: 9/10
  • Bass: 5/10
  • Build Quality/Design:9/10
  • Fit/Comfort: 9.5/10
  • Battery Life: 6.5/10
  • Connectivity (Bluetooth stability): 9.5/10

Who would this be good for?

This is another amazing choice for people who travel quite a lot. The eye mask quality is superb and extremely comfortable. Sound quality is also quite nice and perfect for listening to soothing tunes.


  • High-quality speakers.
  • Blocks light exceptionally well.
  • Decent volume levels which are not too loud or low.


  • Battery life is disappointingly short at less than 5 hours.

CAHU CH Sleep Headphone Review

Sleep Headphones Eye Mask Perfect For Sleeping, Anti Snoring And The Best Headphones Sleep Design Ideas For Sports, Air Travel, Meditation and Relaxation (Grey) - Get Free Ebooks! The CAHU CH Sleep Headphone is not just touted as a sleep aid headphone but is also a good sports headphone as well. The design of the CAHU CH follows the standard design for this type of headphone, which is similar to that of a headband. Speakers are installed inside the headband, which is made of a highly comfortable material, in this case, polar fleece.

The CAHU CH Headphones avoid tangling problems by having the cord located at the back of the headband. It uses the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is compatible with all MP3 players, smartphones, and iPods.

Audio quality is quite nice as well. While nothing mind-blowing in terms of precision, you have to remember that accuracy is not the focus with this type of headphone. It is all about delivering a comfortable and soothing listening experience which the CAHU CH certainly delivers.

Noise cancellation is also good and can easily block out ambient noises such as passing cars and snores quickly. Add to the fact that the headband feels incredibly soft, and you have yourself a great sleep aid headphone that offers comfort no matter what sleeping position you prefer.

Key Features:

Made from polar fleece and polyester acrylic.


3.5 mm headphone jack.

Our Rating:

  • Sound Quality: 8.5/10
  • Bass: 6/10
  • Build Quality/Design: 9/10
  • Fit/Comfort: 9.5/10
  • Battery Life: n/a
  • Connectivity (Bluetooth stability): n/a

Who would this be good for?

This sleepwear headphone is not only a right choice for constant travelers but is also functional sportswear to boot. I have used this headphone while working out indoors as well. Washing the headband is simple, so removing the smell of sweat is easy after a good exercise.


  • They are designed for traveling.
  • The large and soft headband feels comfortable to wear.
  • Can also be used as a workout headphone/headband


  • While well designed, the earpiece does have a slight ridge that you might feel if you lie down on a hard surface

JVC HAFR36B Marshmallow: Comfy EarBuds For Sleeping

The JVC Marshmallow headphones (2019 discontinued by manufacturer) are affordable and offer a comfortable; snug fit even while sleeping on your side. The small and lightweight housings are rounded on the back so that there isn’t pressure pushing into your ears while you sleep.

The JVC Marshmallow earbuds come with a set of compressible foam ear tips that are easy to fit, comfortable, and provide effective noise isolation even in the noisiest environments.

Unlike other earbuds that can fall out or only last a short time, these fit securely in your ears and are very durable.

When it comes to sound quality, you might think that sleeping earbuds are designed for comfort rather than audio quality. The JVC Marshmallow earbuds look quite right. The mid-range is warm and flat, the bass is present but not rumbling, and overall they are crystal clear. You can also use these as an everyday set of earbuds for making calls since they are built with an inline control and mic.

Earbuds that you can comfortably sleep with

woman sleeping with earbuds and smartphone


Plastic earbud cables can break easily, especially while you are sleeping. Turning over during the night can accidentally rip the cable from the housing or even damage your headphone jack.

Consider buying earbuds with a Kevlar-reinforced cable that is durable so you won’t be able to break it, even while sleeping. Also, look for metal housings that can stand up to any situation during your sleep. Most importantly, the round shape won’t heart any part of your ears while you sleep.

While some people don’t think it’s a great idea to sleep with earbuds every night, a lot of people feel they have an easier time falling asleep and get a better night’s sleep with music or even just white noise playing in their ears.  Bose just came out with a wireless set of earbuds specifically designed just to play white noise while you sleep, not music, and they are getting great reviews already.


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