What Headphones Does MarkiPlier Use in 2021?


Who Is Markiplier?

Mark Edward Fischbach, better known as Markiplier, is one of the most well-known and successful Gaming YouTubers. His YouTube channel currently boasts 27.2 million subscribers as of October 2020. 

Markiplier had his humble beginnings in 2012. He decided to create the channel “Markiplier” to serve as an outlet for two of his hobbies; gaming and sketch comedy. He started uploading videos of his reactions to horror games such as Amnesia, which became very successful. His compilation video even went viral on Reddit, which helped him gain his first one thousand subscribers in just one month. 

Unfortunately, his Google Adsense account was banned, prompting him to start again with a brand new channel called Markiplier Game. This channel was very successful, and he was quickly able to regain the one thousand subscribers on his previous channel. The new Markiplier Channel quickly gained traction, and Markiplier was able to end the year with ten thousand subscribers. 

However, things quickly changed. In 2013, Markiplier went from ten thousand subscribers to one million subscribers. And from then on, he has seen nothing but success. Thanks to his drive, commitment, and some help from the YouTube algorithm, Markiplier became one of YouTube’s stars. 

Markiplier shares a lot of similarities with PewDiePie, another popular YouTuber. In their early days, they both played horror games. They were both well known for Amnesia, Slender, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and many more. They have even collaborated on multiple occasions. 

However, their brands started to become different in recent years. PewDiePie started focusing less on gaming and more on content based on his personality. He started doing more shows, vlogs, commentaries. He rarely did gaming-related videos until recently.  

Markiplier, on the other hand, stayed true to his roots and continues playing video games on his channel. His content is more diverse and includes different genres. However, he comes back to horror now and then when a new title is released. 

Aside from gaming, there is one more thing that has been associated with Markiplier’s brand in recent years. That is none other than the headphones that always appear on his videos. Keep on scrolling below to find out more about these headphones as well as great sounding alternatives. 

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MarkiPlier’s Current Headphones

Sennheiser HD 598 

Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition Over-Ear Headphones - Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Sennheiser HD 598 (Image: Amazon)

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Markiplier has been using the Sennheiser HD 598 for a long time now, which is for a good reason. The HD 598 has been a staple of Sennheiser’s 500 series and has been a reliable open-back pair for professional productions and gaming. If you do not know what open-back headphones are, you can read our open-back headphones article

But they are essentially headphones that have an open earcup design that allows them to perform similarly to speakers. The HD 598’s soundstage is wider than most closed-back gaming headsets in the sub 200 USD price range. This allows it to have a more realistic and lifelike sound reproduction, which makes gaming more immersive. 

The imaging is also spot on and allows you to easily spot your enemies on competitive FPS titles such as CS:GO. These are some of the reasons why headphones in the 500 series have become the basis for Sennheiser’s own gaming line, the Game One, and Game Zero. And with the HD 598’s detail retrieval and technicalities, it outperforms almost all competing gaming headsets in its price range. 

Additionally, the HD 598 has a very good build quality. It is made of plastic; however, Sennheiser is well known for using high-quality plastic that allows the headphones to last longer. It also features a removable cable that prolongs the lifespan of the headphones. 

It also has great aesthetics and design choices. Unlike some headphones, the HD 598 has the looks to back up its great sound quality. 

However, the HD 598 isn’t exactly a new headphone design. It was first released back in 2011, and the market has significantly changed since then. There are now newer headphones that are better built and are better sounding than the HD 598. Sennheiser themselves have also updated their lineup with new models that beat the HD 598.

So if you are interested in learning about these headphones, make sure to keep on scrolling.

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Sennheiser HD 560s 

Sennheiser HD560s (Image: Sennheiser)

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The Sennheiser HD560s is Sennheiser’s latest sub 200 USD offering and the latest model in the HD 5XX series. This was a surprising release since the HD 5XX has long been overshadowed by the massively popular HD 6XX series. Nevertheless, Sennheiser is yet again setting the standard in the sub 200 USD price range. 

The HD 560s’ design resembles the rest of the HD 5XX lineup. It mostly has the same build quality but with a few changes to modernize the look. The headphones are now rocking an all-black color scheme similar to the latest version of the HD 600 and the HD 660s

The headband and the grills also resemble the ones found on the HD 650 and HD 660s. The single-sided connector is, however, retained. 

But the biggest change here is the new drivers, which offer better sound quality than the rest of the HD 5XX headphones. This new tuning is even regarded as an improved version of the Sennheiser HD6XX series. It solves several key issues of the HD 600 series, such as the intimate soundstage, while adding more quantity and detail to the highs. 

The HD6XX series will, of course, still have the upper hand. However, it is impressive to see a headphone at this price point punch way above its price point. 

Additionally, the HD 560s retains the natural tuning and clarity of the HD 5XX and HD 6XX series. These are being branded as reference sounding headphones, so it is nice to see the HD 560s deliver in that regard.

Compared to the HD 5XX series, specifically the HD 598, the HD 560s seem to be an easy upgrade overall. The only downside that it has is that its added brightness might cause fatigue for some. This has been an issue on Sennheiser’s higher-end HD800s

But overall, if you like the aesthetics and sound quality of the HD 598, then the HD 560s is an easy recommendation. It might just even challenge the popular Sennheiser x Drop HD 58X Jubilee in terms of value. 

Sennheiser x Drop HD 58X Jubilee

Drop x Sennheiser HD58X (Image: Drop)

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Before the HD 560s’ release, the most popular entry-level open-back headphone was the Sennheiser x Drop HD 58X Jubilee. The main pitch of these headphones was that it was able to bring the HD 6XX experience at a fraction of the cost. 

This headphone is a revival of the classic HD 580, which was the first headphone in the legendary HD600 series. But it is not just a modified version of the HD 580. It sports a new look, new drivers, and a modern turning that meets modern standards and competes with modern headphones. 

The sound coming out of these headphones easily makes it punch way above its price point and allows it to compete with headphones twice or even thrice its price. It has the same form factor and build-quality as the Sennheiser HD6XX with a few distinctions.

The biggest differentiating factors include a different color scheme and grill design. The different grill design is due to the modified driver that is being used here. It now has an impedance of 150-ohms, which allows it to be used even without a headphone amplifier.

The sound signature is also a bit different compared to the HD6XX. There is a slight mid-bass bump in this model that makes it a more energetic and fun sounding headphone. Aside from the low end and a few differences in the high-end, it mostly sounds similar to the HD6XX. 

In some ways, it could be considered a less accurate and less analytical version of the HD6XX. It does not mean it is a worse headphone. It just has a different flavor of the famous HD600 series sound signature. 

Imaging and soundstage are mostly the same as the HD6XX. This means that the soundstage is intimate but realistic, and imaging is fairly accurate. The imaging makes it an excellent pair of gaming headphones. A ModMic can then be attached to the HD58X or HD6XX to transform them into a gaming headset.

Overall, if you do not own a headphone amplifier and you want a slightly more energetic and fun-sounding headphone, then the HD58X is one of the best upgrades you can make from the HD 598. 

Drop X Sennheiser HD6XX

Drop HD 6XX (Image: Drop)

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Another alternative to the HD 598 is the Drop X Sennheiser HD 6XX. Just like the HD 58X, the HD6XX is part of Drop and Sennheiser’s collaboration. However, unlike the HD 58X, the HD 6XX is not an entirely original product. 

That is because the HD 6XX is based on the legendary Sennheiser HD650. Aside from having a different finish, the internal components and the build quality is the same. You are getting the legendary HD 650 sound at an entry-level price point. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the HD 650 experience, here’s a quick rundown of what you will be getting with the HD6XX. These headphones feature a mid-centric sound that has been the famous party trick of the HD600 series. Unlike its predecessor, the HD 600, it does not sound too analytical since it has slightly more bass. It does, however, result in a darker sound signature. 

Highs are also smooth without losing its quality. In comparison, no headphone that retails at this price point can even begin to touch the technical capabilities of the HD6XX except for Drop’s very own HD58X. 

The HD6XX does, however, also carry the downsides of the HD650. One of those downsides is the intimate soundstage. It is wider than most closed-back headphones or even lower-end open-back headphones, but it is far from achieving a speaker-like experience like its successor, the Sennheiser HD800s

In terms of its build quality, the HD6XX is mostly made of plastic. However, this plastic build is proven to be durable and made to last. And if you ever need a replacement for any part of the headphone, you can order them from Sennheiser. 

Overall, the Sennheiser HD6XX is an amazing value. It carries the tried and tested design that as well as the excellent sound performance. It works well in professional work, gaming, and everything in between. If you are looking for the best performing alternative to the HD 598, then the HD 6XX should be up on your list. 

Just remember to pair these headphones with a headphone amplifier since it has an impedance of 300-ohms. You can learn all about headphone impedance and power requirements in our dedicated article. You can also find the best headphone amplifiers for the HD6XX in our dedicated article. 

Sennheiser x Drop PC37X 

Drop PC37X (Image: Drop)

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If you are looking for a gaming headset alternative with a great microphone for team comms, then the Sennheiser x Drop PC37X is the closest alternative to the HD 598. That is because the PC 37X is based on the highly-acclaimed Sennheiser Game One. And the Game One is based on the HD 598. 

Like most Drop collaborations, the sound has remained unchanged. Due to its well-tuned drivers and an open-back design, the imaging and soundstage are superior to most gaming headsets. This is largely why the PC37X is such a great choice for competitive and casual FPS Gaming. 

Speaking of its drivers, the sound quality of the PC37X is exceptional. It punches way above its price point and beats most of the headsets on this list. After all, it is based on the Game One, which retailed for much higher than the PC37X’s asking price. 

The PC37X has a relaxed and warmer tuning but has better detail retrieval compared to the other gaming headsets on this list. The bass is enough to add body and complete the sound. It is not distracting and leaves enough room for sound cues to come through. 

Mids are a bit recessed but are still more detailed compared to other gaming headsets. The highs are well controlled and have plenty of detail. They allow footsteps to be easily heard. 

Additionally, since the PC37X is an open-back headset, the natural soundstage and superior imaging help easily locate the source of these footsteps. The wide soundstage also allows you to hear how far the source of the footsteps is. 

Aside from the great sounding drivers, the PC37X also has a significantly better microphone than its competitors. It has a natural tone that is better than the highly compressed and nasal sounding microphones found on most gaming headsets. It is non-detachable 

The PC37X has a more detailed sound compared to the other gaming headsets here. However, if you still want more clarity and are okay with sacrificing the microphone, then upgrading to audiophile headphones like the Drop HD58X is the way to go. 

For its asking price, the PC37X is very hard to beat. It has all the essential features of a gaming headset, such as excellent sound reproduction and a quality microphone. If you were already satisfied with the HD 598 and simply want a microphone add-on, then this is the best pair to get. 

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 

Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 PRO open Studio Headphone
Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (Image: Amazon)

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If you want to try something else from a different brand, then one of the most popular headphones for professional work and for gaming is the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. It has been a popular choice for professionals/personalities such as Ninja and other Fortnite streamers

The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. has been a staple in Beyerdynamic’s professional headphones line for several decades. It has been around the market since 1985 and has been the go-to pair for musicians, producers, video editors, and gamers. 

Its immense popularity is due to its accurate sound reproduction and enjoyable sound signature. It is leaning towards a V-shaped sound where the bass and highs are more emphasized, which can help the DT 990 Pro sound less dull and boring. And, since these are open-back headphones, you get a wide soundstage, making them a very good gaming pair.

The DT 990 Pro comes in several versions. It comes in  32 ohms, 80 ohms, 250 ohms, and 600 ohms. The main difference between each one is their impedance. Basically, what this means is that the higher impedance versions will require a more powerful headphone amplifier while the lower impedance versions will work with just about anything. You can learn more in our Headphone Impedance FAQ

Overall, the DT 990 Pro is a well built and excellent sounding headphone. With its accuracy, excellent sound quality, and class-leading build quality, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro is one of the best in its price range. The different variants also make it more versatile for users who do not own a headphone amplifier. 


AKG K7XX (Image: Drop)

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The main competitor to Drop’s highly acclaimed HD6XX series of headphone collaborations is non-other than their own AKG collaboration, the Drop K7XX. Like the Sennheiser HD6XX, the K7XX is a legendary professional open-back headphone that has been used in countless studios. It is based on the K702 65th Anniversary Edition

Both the K7XX and HD6XX are located at the same price point, so it is natural for them to be competitors. However, the sound signature of these two headphones is completely different. The HD6XX is a more intimate sounding open-back headphone with a mid-forward sound and great imaging. The K7XX, on the other hand, has a wide soundstage and more neutral sound but slightly less accurate imaging. 

This makes the K7XX immersive for gaming and movies. However, some users still prefer the Drop HD58X and HD6XX for competitive gaming since pinpointing audio is more accurate on those headphones. 

As mentioned earlier, the K7XX has a more neutral sound signature compared to the HD6XX models. This makes the K7XX an excellent reference pair for audio productions and for critical listening. After all, it is based on a headphone that retails for twice the price of the Drop K7XX.

Overall, if you need a wide sounding and versatile open-back headphone that can be used with different applications, the K7XX is a solid option. It is also based on a tried and tested design, so you won’t be disappointed with its performance.

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